Treating Anxious and Phobic Patients

Many people suffer from dental phobia. They are anxious to visit for a dental check up and end up cancelling their appointment at the last minute. Children are in particular, phobic of visiting dentists. More than the pain, they are overwhelmed with the idea of being in a dentist’s chair. They have an uncomfortable experience being at a dentist’s clinic. As a result, such patients tend to ignore the health of their teeth and put their care in danger.
Some of the many dangers and bad consequences cited for phobic patients is that there is an increased chance of poor general health. They can also suffer from lung infections and other serious diseases of the body. Poor oral hygiene and dental health also results in low esteem and feeling of embarrassment. People tend to worsen their dental condition and result in severely damaged teeth.
Sedation dentistry had been introduced to dentistry for helping and treating anxious and phobic patients. Whether the patient is stressed and very anxious about his appointment or whether he or she is extremely overwhelmed and stressed with just the thought of visiting the dentist, it needs to be treated with care.
The use of different forms of sedation is helpful in leading a patient to mild sedation and even deep sedation. Sedation is administered to a patient through different techniques and methods; namely, Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), Oral Sedation, Combination Sedation, Intravenous (IV) and General Anesthesia.

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