General Anesthetic

If a patient is very anxious about his or her appointment with the dentist and the fear is overwhelming for them, then general anesthesia can be administered to them. The use of general anesthetic is also referred to as GA dentistry and is used to ensure that the patient is fully asleep during the entire dental procedure.
For patients with extreme anxiety and fear of dentists, general anesthetic is used to help the patient fall asleep and have no sensory perception. The patient will have no memory or pain of the dental procedure and will wake up to find that the procedure is already complete.
Since general anesthesia procedures are closely monitored by the law and authorities, it is important to have a medical doctor, an anesthesiologist along with a registered nurse for the procedure. The safety of the patients is also utmost importance to the dental clinic or hospital. Hence, the use of hospital-grade equipment and only certified medical professionals are required for administering general anesthetic to the patients.
It is also advised that the patient is accompanied by a close relative or friend as the patient finds it difficult to drive and go on his own after a GA dentistry procedure. They are also given effective pain killers and local anesthesia to help them feel no pain after the procedure. The patients are strictly advised to be driven back to their homes and let the effect of GA subside completely.
New Smile Dental Group Clinic offers GA dentistry services by our certified medical professionals for quality dental care and safe sedation.

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