Emergency Dentistry

Dentistry deals with the prevention and cure of oral and dental problems along with maintaining proper oral hygiene for an individual and also his family. It aids in making one smile their best and gain self confidence with sparkling white and healthy teeth. They offer therapies, surgical treatment and prevention measures to keep your teeth in the best possible condition.
Whether you need porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, or need to undergo Root Canal Therapy or dental surgery, we offer you the best environment and expert hands to give you the best results without any pain or time loss.

Some of our main dentistry branches broadly classified into the following categories:

Children’s Dentistry

At New Smile Dental Group, we offer family-friendly dental care service every time. We understand that children are sensitive about visiting a dentist for their dental health or any related problem. We offer a fun-filled and relaxed environment to the children to take off the anxiety from them. We ensure that parents and children find our dental office as the best place to get their teeth cleaned or dental problems resolved. We also help parents in inculcating good habits in their children from an early stage.

Hospital Dentistry

Our hospital dentistry service encompasses general dental care to specialty dental care services such as implants, prosthesis/dentures, and other prosthodontics. One can avail dental health care benefits such as general hygiene and oral health to the most sophisticated cosmetic and functional repair and replacement of teeth.

Under sleep Dentistry

Many patients face anxiety trouble before a dental procedure. We have patients that either have a minor form of anxiety, or they have phobia to the use of needle. In any case, the patient can be given a IV sedation or its combination with Nitrous Oxide to avoid being given a GA (General Anesthesia). Under sleep dentistry or Sedation dentistry, one feels a relaxed and anxiety-free state to undergo a dental treatment or procedure.

Therefore, it is our prime motive to offer the best environment and optimal conditions to our patients to help them relax and get ready for a happy and satisfying dental care experience.

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