Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is part of both medical as well as cosmetic dentistry. If you are tired of your stained teeth, then this procedure will help you restore the whiteness and freshness for your teeth. Regular tooth whitening procedures help in regaining the brightness of your teeth, resulting in a beautiful and confident smile.

One can add more spark and sparkle to their smile with regular and timely whitening of their teeth. The use of proper teeth bleaching results in a beautiful smile that others will envy. You can make another attractive addition to your armor with the help of a confident smile. One can gain confidence and talk the talk with their white and bright teeth.

At New Smile Dental Group, we ensure that your teeth are whitened using a bleaching agent that guarantees the best results. If you need sparkling white teeth throughout the year, then you need to visit us for regular teeth bleaching procedure.

We guarantee you the best teeth whitening results in the less possible time. It is a non-invasive method used to whiten a few or all of your teeth. This is also an effective way to have a consistent colour of all your teeth after an implant, filling or other procedures. Teeth Whitening is not a permanent method, and you may require regular touch-ups in a year or two. Patients need to follow up their teeth whitening procedures every year to ensure that their teeth remain white.

Using teeth whitening toothpaste and whitening strips can also be very helpful for long-term maintenance of the whiteness of teeth, and for us, it is an additional requirement along with the set procedure followed at the dental clinic.

We highly recommend getting a professional Teeth Whitening procedure first, before applying any other method.

Dental health experts can be easily approached at the different locations in Surrey, Richmond and New Westminster. We have a satisfied clientele based throughout the lower mainland area. Teeth whitening are among one of the primary services and part of the cosmetics dentistry that is easily available at all our centers.
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