Dentures & Bridges

Dentures-innerbannerThey are removable replacement teeth that are used to replace missing or broken teeth in the jaw. You can use dentures to replace a few to complete set of teeth. Therefore, you can undergo a partial or complete denture procedure in your mouth.
The dental prosthesis is available in complete or partial form. They are easily removable, and you can keep them at a separate place for brushing or other purposes. Earlier, conventional dentures were placed a few weeks after the teeth had been removed, nowadays there are immediate dentures that can be placed once the teeth have been removed.
The use of partial dentures is similar to bridges. They are used to replace more than one missing teeth. However, partial dentures are also removable. Partial dentures can also be fixed or permanent as they can be used to fill up the gaps created by the missing teeth. They are cemented in place and help in keeping the teeth in their proper position. These are known as bridges.
At New Smile Dental Clinic, we work towards offering your satisfactory results at the end of the day. You can either opt for removable dentures (partial or complete) or get bridges properly cemented in the place of missing teeth. You can also opt for upgraded teeth implants and similar procedures for filling up the gaps created by missing teeth.
You can avail dental care services in dentures and bridges at Delta/ Surrey, Richmond and New Westminster/Burnaby. We are dedicated to offering you the best and advanced dental care services throughout the lower mainland region. We bring you the latest technology in cosmetic as well as clinical dentistry to benefit you in the long run.

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