Cleaning & Prevention

At New Smile Dental Group, we offer proper teeth cleaning and tooth decay prevention services to our clients.

With proper care and regular check-ups, people can prevent dental problems such as tooth corrosion, bad breath, painful or bleeding gums, discoloured teeth etc.



Any form of tooth degeneration and the resulting cavity caused by the bacteria needs to be replaced with a proper filling. Using composite resin, we can fill in the cavity caused by the acid that is produced by the bacterial work.

Digital X-rays

With the help of x-rays, we can detect any sort of damage in different parts of the teeth. Digital x-rays emit much less radiation in comparison to the conventional x-ray used.



People with halitosis and deteriorating teeth need frequent deep cleaning procedures. However, people without any noticeable symptom, also need to visit us at least twice a year if not more for regular cleaning of their teeth. Regular cleaning is also an important preventive measure to ensure optimal dental health.

At New Smile Dental, we aim at ensuring that you have sparkling white and healthy teeth always and for the long-term. We advise that you get routine check-ups and cleaning sessions for your teeth performed regularly if you are suspecting development of any dental problem.

We are one of the favourites for many to get bright and healthy teeth with regular teeth cleaning services in Surrey. We offer top-notch services in the Delta region as well. The other locations include New Westminster and Richmond. We believe in providing localized services for the benefit of the patients. We also offer hospital dentistry along with emergency dentistry services at our clinics.

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