Deep Sedation

Different patients feel different levels of anxiety or phobia that vary in degree and discomfort. The level of sedation administered to them depends on this factor. Sedation dentistry is practiced to offer mild sedation, conscious sedation or even deep sedation to certain patients. There is use of sedatives, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and intravenous (IV) sedation for different cases.
Sedation dentistry is practiced in different parts in Canada and other places in the world, as patients avoid visiting their dentist and even cancel appointments because of dental phobia (fear of dentists). This directly affects their dental health. Therefore, sedation dentistry is a good option to offer comfort and relaxation to the nervous pangs of the patient and treat them properly.
Deep sedation results in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness during a sedation dental procedure carried out a dental clinic or health care facility. Patients are advised to be accompanied by a parent, spouse or friend for their sedation dentistry. It often takes several hours before the effect of sedation subsides. It is also advised to avoid driving or other strenuous work after a sedation dentistry procedure.
The best part about deep sedation is that patients usually have no memory of their anxious appointment and they even sleep off their dental procedure. The moment they are awake, the procedure and the pain is already done with.
New Smile Dental Group Clinic offers deep sedation dentistry of anxious patients so that they can also enjoy the benefits of quality dental care without the discomfort.

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