Your child’s tooth hurts? It could be the cavities!

Are you in the habit of giving candies and sweets to your kids more often than you should? If your child has a constant craving for sweet products and you fulfill them then there are chances that you are damaging his teeth and gums to a great extent. If he or she complains of tooth ache and even bleeding gums, remember to visit a qualified dentist immediately.

What your child might suffer is commonly known as cavities which are holes that are created in the teeth. They are actually a serious form of diseases, less commonly known as, dental caries. Many of us are unaware of the fact that the sweet is not what exactly causes the damage to the teeth. It is the sticking sweet that is attacked by the bacteria that results harmful bacteria on your gums and teeth. The acid erodes the dental mass and results in formation of cavities.

Formation of Dental Cavities

Dental cavities are not formed in a matter of days. They take a lot of time and are gradually formed with the tooth decay process. Action taken against tooth decay can actually reverse the formation of cavities and strengthen your child’s teeth and gums again.

Your dental history is also important!

If any of the parents or a close relative has a history of dental problems then there are chances that your child might also suffer from dental troubles such as cavities. If your teeth has been infected with bacteria earlier and you got any of them removed or are undergoing treatment then you might accidentally transfer the bacteria to your child. If you eat with the same spoon as your child or you somehow transfer saliva to him or her then the chances of transfer of germs is quite high.

It is always advised to parents to follow a strict oral hygiene themselves and also care for their child’s dental health if they already have a history of tooth decay and dental caries.

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