Use of Dental Crowns in Protecting Weaker Teeth

A dental crown is an essential element in the field of dentistry when it comes to protecting weaker teeth. When a tooth is damaged or becomes weak, a dentist in Surrey recommends a dental crown to support it.

Dental Crown

In simple terms, a dental crown is a cap that is fixed on the top of a tooth. It sits like a crown and helps in strengthening and maintaining the functionality of a weak tooth. After a root canal therapy, dentists often use the crown to protect and support the tooth.

Need of a Dental Crown

Individuals fracture their teeth after some accidents or collisions. Such damaged teeth would require a crown after the treatment for proper support. In addition, some decayed teeth beyond the point of filling, may also require a crown. Dental crowns a durable and needs little care. They can last up to ten years. They can be fixed in a way that the tooth that becomes useless after damage can start functioning.

Crown Construction

Crowns can be made from porcelain, ceramic and (wonderfully) even gold materials.

A crown is made from ceramic, porcelain or gold material. At times a combination of metals is used for making crowns. Gold crowns have huge benefits as they can keep the teeth intact and needs no alteration. In addition, it does not harm or damages the nearby teeth.

Ceramic and Porcelain materials blend with surrounding teeth. However, they are thick and your tooth may require a little shaving. They are functional and very useful. However, dark lines are visible thorough the crown.

When you visit a dentist, you will get a clear picture of which type of crown is needed for your teeth.

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