Top 5 Oral Habits to Get Rid Off!

Your good oral habits go a long way in keeping your gums and teeth in the best condition. If you have poor oral hygiene or you are habitual to smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, you might well deal with a lot of dental problems. Poor eating habits such as excessive carbohydrate/sweet intake and missing out on dental appointments are also some of the primary factors in developing dental problems such as gingivitis, yellow teeth, cavities, bleeding gums, periodontitis and more.

The worst 5 Oral habits that you need to get rid off at the earliest include the following:

1. Skipping Flossing

Are you among the many who regularly forget to floss their teeth? If you have been missing the procedure more than once a week, you might invite cavities, periodontitis and other serious dental conditions resulting from the food sticking on your teeth. Use good teeth floss on a regular basis to maintain your dental health.

2. Smoking

Kick the butt as it is one of the worst forms of addiction and prime causes of oral cancer. Teeth discoloration, foul mouth odor, mouth lesions, and gingivitis are some of the other dental problems caused by smoking.

3. Regular Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption also results in the gradual loss of teeth enamel or bone loss of teeth. It also results in dry mouth, thus reducing saliva production. Hence, your mouth has less saliva that it needs for maintaining a good pH balance as well as cleansing the teeth.

4. Improper Oral Hygiene

Irregular brushing habits, not using a mouth wash and having sweet first or last thing in the day can result in a variety of dental problems in the long run.

5. Too Much Caffeine and Spices

A lot of coffee, tea and even spicy food can result in damaging your teeth and gums over a period of time. Teeth discoloration is one of the main side effects of consuming a lot of caffeine and sweets.

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