Tooth Pain? It Could Be Your Wisdom Tooth

Have you been experiencing a lot of pain at the edges of your gum(s)? Has the right side of the lower gum being a real bothering? Is the gum region around your wisdom tooth swollen? And is your gum flap swollen and painful? Then, you probably have a wisdom tooth that is erupting. People experience differently when their wisdom tooth starts growing in their gum; however, for some it could be a real bothersome experience.

When Does Wisdom Teeth Bother Us?

If your gums do not have enough space to support all the 32 teeth including the four wisdom teeth then probably they will not erupt completely and start pushing the other teeth near them. The partial eruption of the wisdom tooth leaves an opening in the gum that can act as a seat for the development of bacterial infection. This infection results in tooth pain, swelling in the gums and the infection can even travel to the cheeks and throat.

What It Can Do?

Pericoronitis is an infection that affects the back teeth; especially the wisdom teeth. If the wisdom tooth and the gum surrounding is infected, then the condition is referred to as pericoronitis. This results in inflammation of the soft tissues around the wisdom tooth and can even cause swelling of the gum flap and cheeks. The infection in some cases travels to the throat and can be a cause of concern.

Cure and Treatment

A visit to a qualified dentist is ideal in such a situation. They have the experience and understanding of determining whether a wisdom tooth would erupt completely or partially in the jaw. The chances of infection and its possible progression is also analyzed properly by the expert. In case of an infection, dose of antibiotics is prescribed such as amoxicillin along with pain killers and application of ointment such as Rexidin-M gel.

It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene if there is development of infection or there is pain because of the wisdom tooth eruption. If needed, an x-ray is conducted after which the dentist removes the unwanted and bothersome wisdom tooth of the patient.


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