The Importance of Taking Proper Care of Dentures

Sometimes, usually in old age, missing teeth are replaced by dentures for a healthier smile and oral health restoration. But having dentures placed in the mouth becomes a maintenance issue for people as well. It is important to learn to clean them properly and regularly. Another fact to be considered here is that it is an investment to get well-fitting dentures and the better you care for them, the longer their life span will be. Some people are able to use the same set of dentures for about ten years, because of the way they care for them. Once broken, dentures must be replaced,requiring another investment, earlier than expected. But it is possible to take care of the dentures using the following tips and avoid facing premature denture replacement.

1. Cleaning Dentures After Meals

Whether you are using partial, or full dentures, they should be cleaned properly for long term use. Just as with natural teeth, when you eat meals, food particles get trapped in the dentures. So, the dentures should be cleaned after every meal by rinsing them and even brushing them.

2. Store the Dentures with Proper Care

Dentures are fragile in nature and can be easily broken if they are not kept and handled with proper care. Any high stress, or pressure while the dentures are not in use can break them easily. Also, it should be kept in mind that the dentures should not be bent severely during cleaning.

3. Maintain Oral Hygiene

Along with cleaning the dentures for their long life, your overall oral health needs to be maintained for a healthy smile and well-fitting dentures. Oral hygiene to keep any remaining natural teeth, as well as the gums, healthy, is also needed for complete oral care protection.

4. Soaking and Brushing of Dentures

Dentures are made up of special kind of material which retains its shape when submerged in soaking solutions, or water. As a common practice, it is best to soak dentures overnight and brush them once a day to remove plaque and food particles.

5. Make Regular Visits to Professional Dentists for Dental Examinations

Using dentures for completing your set of teeth and ensuring that you take care of them properly will extend their life-span, but you may not realize when the dentures need replacement, or if your oral health is compromised. Visiting dentists in Surrey on a regular basis will help you to stay on top of your overall oral health.

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