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Are you anxious about sitting at the dentist’s clinic for long? Are you phobic to the tools used by a dentist while he takes care of your dental problems? Then probably you have been visiting the wrong people. You need the expert hands and the perfect ambience to keep you at ease and not get the nervous pangs in your stomach anymore.

New Smile Dental Clinic has been associated with careful and friendly dental care services for a long time. People simply swear by the sleep dentistry services available at the clinic all for your own good. You do not have to worry about what will happen to you in that chair as long as you have friendly and competent medical staff around you.

You can choose to have sleep dentistry services offered to you at the clinic. There are a variety of hospital grade sleep dentistry services available at the clinic. Starting from the popular general anesthesia to nitrous oxide or laughing gas to semi-unconsciousness, the different techniques offer you a different level of satisfaction and ease. We have a well trained team of medical staff that is well versed with handling different medical emergencies. They offer you complete support and cooperation through your dental procedure. You are advised to be accompanied by a friend or relative to your home, as you may still be under the effect of the sleep-inducing agent for a longer period of time. It is also noted that driving or performing any tasks that need your complete focus is also difficult for a few hours after the sleep dentistry procedures. However, the best part about this treatment is that people do not have any memory about the procedure.

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