Surrey Dentist Can Help you Kick the Habit

Tobacco consumption, both by smoking as well as smokeless tobacco, is a menace to your health. It is a known fact that tobacco can cause a variety of cancers, heart diseases and pulmonary problems. It is equally responsible for resulting in tooth loss and oral health problems in adults. It has become one of the main reasons why adults visit the dentist for a dental check up, cleaning or teeth whitening.

Both smoking tobacco and smokeless tobacco go a long way to harming the teeth, gums, cheeks, internal jaw line and other parts of the mouth. They can result in severe health problems in the future.


A qualified dentist brings his expertise and years of experience in providing you quality support and encouragement for kicking the habit. The best part about involving a dentist is that you receive a co-operative treatment plan that takes into consideration various psychological and physical factors. The patient’s mental state, motivational level and behavioral changes are among the many things worked on by a dentist’s clinical approach.

A dentist can easily spot damage to the teeth or gums resulting from tobacco. They also understand to what extent the damage has been done and what could be the possible ways of reversing the dental damage already been done. Combining a friendly and a clinical approach, a dentist provides complete medical and emotional assistance to the patient to quit the habit and also become aware of ways to improve dental health. Dental health is a window to the overall health of an individual.

If there is a smoker amongst you who needs to quit any form of tobacco – cigars, cigarettes or smokeless tobacco – a visit to the dentist is a must! The best Surrey dentist has the knowledge and resources to guide you in the right direction.

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