Surprising Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is one of the most important dental processes out there to treat oral health problems. Ever since its invention, it has given dentists the ability to treat specific conditions with very few complications and incredible results. Many people become anxious when considering root canal treatment, if this is your case too, then you should be aware of the multiple benefits this treatment offers.

1. Preserve your natural teeth

In the past, before root canal treatment was available, if a tooth was infected, it had to be pulled out since there was no other way once a cavity or other toot damage reached the inner tissues. Thankfully, with root canal therapy, you can save your natural teeth. Having tooth decay or damage does not mean that your tooth can not be made viable again. Rather, some of its tissues may be dead or infected, but your tooth will be saved by eliminating all the infections underlying your tooth.

2. Healthy jawbone

Whenever you lose a tooth, the tissues and gums underneath it begin to shrink. The absence of teeth prevents the jawbone from getting the stimulation it requires to grow and stay strong, and with time it begins to degenerate. By preserving your natural teeth, root canals make sure you prevent this problem. You won’t have to worry about your tooth being extracted at a later stage and all problems that come along with that.

3. Tooth sensitivity

Most of us don’t know that the root canal is very effective for curing tooth sensitivity. The problem of tooth sensitivity can be annoying and, it may even affect the quality of life. There are various ways to cure it but not everything works for everyone. A dentist may suggest considering root canal treatment as a therapeutic option. In this process, the nerve is taken out, which should be enough to stop the pain.

4. Relief from infection

Root canal treatment is required for tooth decay to avoid further decaying and infection. Cavities affect the outer layer of your teeth and if they are left untreated, the infection can progress and get deeper into the tooth tissues. Once the infection reaches the root of your tooth, it is much easier for it to spread further. Moreover, a toothache can be unbearable at times and create other medical concerns as well.

The only way to stop this infection is by opting for a root canal treatment. This process begins with drilling a hole into the infected area of the tooth. The infected tissue is then taken out, and the tooth is treated with an antimicrobial solution that sanitizes the tooth so that bacteria can’t grow.

These are some of the benefits of root canal treatment. If you are experiencing discomfort or suspect that your tooth might be decayed, contact New Smile Dental Group and book an appointment with us for your exam and, if necessary, root canal treatment.

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