Some Interesting Facts You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Nothing can seem more satisfying than having those pearly whites.

Everybody wants to have sparkling teeth, but not all are lucky to be blessed with a bright, stunning smile that catches people’s eyes. People are beginning to pay more attention to the way they look and your teeth can either make or break your look.Should Know About Teeth WhiteningLooking to get those pearly whites shining?

Consulting a professional Surrey dentist, backed by years of experience in the industry, will be a good choice to make. However, we would like familiarize you with some of the most interesting facts, which you may not be aware of, through this blog.

Does the procedure of teeth whitening cause damage to the teeth?

Is this a concern you have? Don’t fret, but allow us to educate you. It’s true that abuse of any kind or aggressive teeth brushing can be harmful to the teeth and gums. However, teeth whitening, if provided by a professional dentist, is amazingly safe and effective.

During the teeth whitening process, an experienced dentist in Surrey will use active ingredients to penetrate the enamel of your teeth and lift the unwanted stains from the dentin. After you’re done with each whitening session, your teeth will remineralize in a natural way.

Can stains on teeth be removed overnight?

Well, there is no product available on the market that can safely whiten your teeth at home overnight. However, customized whitening trays created by your dentist, with a whitening agent to make its way deep enough into the teeth, can whiten teeth significantly after a few uses.

It is important for you to know that teeth whitening is a process, which can take as little as 4 days or may take longer, if you have serious stains. You must not lose your patience, as it will take time to remove years old stains.

Can caps and veneers be whitened?

Artificial caps and veneers are installed by a professional Surrey dentist. They are created so that they match the colour of the surrounding teeth. The material created can never be changed, so if it is of a darker or lighter colour than surrounding teeth, due to tooth staining or whitening, it will no longer match. Caps and veneers will not whiten, nor will they get stained. Teeth whitening will not cause any damage to the dental procedure, so if surrounding teeth have become stained, they can be whitened to again match the veneers or caps.

Not only do white teeth make you look stunning, but they also increase your confidence. However, having stained, yellowish teeth can cause damage to your look considerably. You may feel uncomfortable talking to people, unless you get rid of all of those unwanted spots caused due to smoking, tea, coffee, and red wine. That’s where the effective solution of teeth whitening comes in.

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