Smoking and Dental Health – Warning Signs!

Your dental health is directly proportional to your habits; especially smoking. Most smokers already understand the many dangers of smoking on their dental health; however, they fail to see the warning signs. What actually tells you that you either quit or seek medical assistance of a qualified dentist as early as possible? Read on…

How Smoking Affects Dental Health

Smoking has been seen as one of the major factor behind poor oral health and hygiene. It leads to damage of important cells in the mouth as it raises the temperature inside the mouth. It also reduces the blood flow to the gums that results in a variety of gum diseases in the smokers. The level of vitamin C required to maintain optimum gum health is also reduced with excessive smoking. Any many ways, the oral region is deprived of the right amount of nutrition and there is considerable damage to the gums and teeth.


The major warning signs of poor dental health caused by smoking:

Yellowish stain

The yellow stained teeth is the most common sign of poor oral health. Stained teeth result from excessive caffeine intake as well as smoking.

Bad Breath

Foul breath is a direct result of decaying of tooth and gums resulting from smoking. Bad breath is a major sign of poor oral health and the overall health of a person.

Bleeding or Swollen Gums

Gum diseases are common amongst smokers. Swollen and bleeding gums along with loosing of teeth are seen as one of the major signs. If a smoker experiences these problems then it would be the right time to quit smoking. Seek medical attention as early as possible. Consult one of the best dentists in Surrey to cure your dental problems.

Delayed Wound Healing in Mouth

If any wound or oral surgery takes long to heal in your mouth, it is a direct indication that you have a bad dental health. Your gums and teeth are not getting adequate blood supply and nutrition required for proper health and strength.

Tooth Decay

The decaying dental cavities and teeth damage are again caused by this hard-to-quit habit. There are cavities created and infected teeth are visible in the mouth of many smokers.

It is important for smokers to be alert about these signs, if ignored they can result in more serious dental problems including fatal diseases such as oral cancer or mouth cancer. Many smokers around the world are not aware of this simple fact that smoking does not only increases the risk of throat and lung cancer but is also one of the major causes behind mouth cancer. Hence, the earlier you quit and seek the medical assistance at a dental care clinic the better!

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