Shrinking Gums and Solutions

Many of us wonder why teeth appear to be a little longer than the usual size. This condition is known as recession or gum shrinking. Many adults suffer from this condition and luckily this recession can be halted with expert dentist Surrey services.

You have to visit your dentist regularly for routine checkups for periodontal or gum diseases. Qualified dentists take measurements to find out how much gingiva or a resilient tissue is present. If there is more recession then there is less gingiva attached to your gums that means there is less support to your teeth which may lead to teeth loss.

There can be many reasons for the shrinking of gums. Grinding teeth is one of the reasons that add pressure to the teeth. Microscopic breaks occur in the enamel and gum line moves away. An experienced dentist can fix it with occlusal guard.

To prevent the shrinking of gums, you should know the proper way to brush your teeth and know the type of bristles you use.  Brushing in circles sweeps all along the gums and removes plaque. However, if you brush straight, many portions are left unclean leading to gingivitis resulting in recession.

Recession also happens when you are using an orthodontic appliance like braces. The most common type of treatment that is used is tissue grafting. You have to take expert help in treating such condition. A dentist can prescribe the most useful treatment that suits your condition.

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