Schedule your Dental Visits More Often Than Not Starting Today

You refrain yourself from adding dental visits to the calendar for obvious reasons. You either too scared to sit in the dentist’s chair or you are pretty sure that your teeth are in good condition. However, many of us stand to lose the sparkle and strength of our teeth without frequent and scheduled visits to our dentist. Read on to know how!


Impact of Food and Habits on our Teeth

Our teeth are badly impacted on the daily dose of caffeine, aerated drinks, spicy food and high calorie diet. The sweet toothed people who relish frequent desserts are more prone to develop tooth decay. This is a direct result of the acid produced by the bacteria that feeds on the sweet food sticking to your teeth.

Smokers and hard drinkers are equally in danger of damaging their teeth with over-consumption of either. If you are not in the habit of planning frequent and timely visits to your dentist despite of these habits, you are calling for some real dental emergency situation in the near future.

Greater Risk Patients

Young and elderly patients are at a greater risk of developing dental ailments such as cavities, root canal, loss of tooth, dental pain, bleeding gums, swollen gums, etc. People who smoke and consume alcohol on a regular basis along with a spicy and high calorie diet also suffer from poor dental health. If you maintain improper dental hygiene such as skipping teeth brushing or flossing, not rinsing mouth after a meal, there are chances that your teeth will be attacked by bacterial development.

How Often Should You Visit your Dentist?

A visit to a dentist is recommended at least once in every six months. Bi-annual visit to the dentist is ideal for anybody. If you have a history of dental ailments or have sensitive gums, then you can visit more often. Visit in every 3 months is recommended. Children should visit a qualified Surrey dentist more often.

Finding the Best Dentist

If you suffering from a dental ailment or need to have a scheduled check up with a dentist, find a state-of-the-art dental care clinic in Surrey. Instead of making that frantic visit, schedule dental visits more often! Use Google reviews, online forums and research online to trace the best dentists with good experience.

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