Root Canal Treatment: Advantages and Disadvantages

A treatment to fix and preserve a badly infected or decayed tooth is a root canal treatment. The tooth is properly cleaned and sealed under this treatment, removing the pulp and the damaged nerve and filling it in.

Root Canal Treatment Surrey

The Root canal is considered to be the best alternative to tooth replacement because if you go for tooth replacement, then your dentist removes your damaged or decayed tooth and replaces it with a man-made tooth, so you lose your original tooth. On the other hand, when you go for a root canal treatment, then your dentist does not remove your dead tooth but fixes it instead.

We will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of a root canal treatment for you.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

1. Root canal treatment relieves the pain and discomfort caused by the damaged tooth.

2. If you believe in the idea of preserving natural teeth, then root canal is the best treatment for you, because you don’t have to live with an artificial tooth. In a root canal treatment, your dentist fixes your existing tooth and it can continue to serve you as is expected, for natural eating and speaking.

3. A root canal treatment is safer than tooth implant. A small mistake in tooth implant may create problems with your teeth and jaws.

Disadvantages of Root Canal Treatment

1. The tooth becomes brittle and prone to fractures. However, the likelihood of these problems can be avoided with a porcelain crown.

2. A root canal treatment is more expensive than a tooth extraction. However, if you compare the cost of replacing the tooth with an implant, as compared to a root canal, you will find you will have to spend more on a tooth implant.

If you have a decaying tooth in your mouth and you are thinking of fixing it, then contact your Surrey dentist now. They will provide you with the best treatment, depending on your tooth’s condition.

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