Possible Causes of Toothache

With the onset of pain in any part of the body, people start to worry they are suffering from some serious physiological condition, when most often, the issue may be easily treated. The same is true when it comes to the pain of toothache, which may or may not be a serious issue. Pain in the tooth can be because of temperature variations and higher sensitivity to heat or coldness. It can also be the case that pain occurs at the time when eating food and not at any other time. Since most people do not have the required knowledge about the dental structure and possible oral health problems, visiting a dentist is the best way to find out what the issue is and to get it resolved. By having a complete dental examination, the exact cause of the toothache can be found and then, treated with the required dental procedure. A common way that people often deal with a dental problem, is to first make use of home remedies and then visit dentists if the pain is not relieved. However, it is better to have the teeth checked and examined from the onset of toothache, without wasting time.

possible-causes-of-toothacheCracked Tooth

One of the possible causes of severe, and possibly sudden toothache is the existence of a cracked tooth or teeth. It happens in certain cases that a severe pain is felt when something hard is chewed and there is no pain when the chewing process stops. This can be the sign of cracked tooth because when the extra pressure is applied, it causes pain. With the help of an expert dentist, the cracked tooth or teeth needs to be repaired. Furthermore, depending on the severity of the crack, your expert dentist may suggest using a dental crown to protect the tooth.

Higher Tooth Sensitivity

While eating anything sweet, sour, or cold, some people feel sudden pain in their teeth. Nerve endings are located under the teeth surface that send signals to the brain about the degree of hotness or coldness. Higher sensitivity means that these nerves are located closer to the surface. For instance, a person who has tooth decay may feel higher sensitivity because the enamel is compromised and the nerves are exposed.  Similarly, roots of the teeth may be more exposed by a receding gum line.

Clenching or Grinding of Teeth

Many dental patients feel toothache in different parts of their mouth. Sometimes, such a pain results from the habit of grinding or clenching teeth, which damages teeth and creates tension in the jaw.

It is best to visit an expert dentist in Surrey to get the actual cause of toothache diagnosed for a proper resolution of the problem and better oral health.

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