Learn to Avoid Bad Breath Menace

At New Smile Dental Clinic, we come across several dental queries that involve bad breathe or foul mouth odor. It is also known as halitosis and is a serious oral condition. Some of us tend to overlook this issue considering it as a temporary problem. It could actually be quite serious and result from an underlying oral condition, decaying teeth, injury, infection etc.

If you want to turn your bad breath into minty fresh then you need expert guidance from a qualified Surrey dentist. However, you can also check bad breath at an early stage. There are several causes of foul odor in your mouth and can be easily avoided.

We care about your oral health and hygiene and want you to be proud of not just your smile but your overall personality. Bad breath can be a real turn off for you and can even hamper your professional relationships. One can keep bad breath at bay with proper teeth brushing and even flossing. In addition, learn to clean your tongue as frequently as you can.

Bad breath is a result of the presence of bacteria or plaque sticking on your teeth, gums or tongue. It is important to brush your teeth properly. There are some foods and medicines that can also cause bad breath. Smoking, gum disease and even sinus problems cause bad breath in us.

Naturally, good oral hygiene on your part is the first step. With proper brushing and flossing you can keep halitosis in check. Even though you may have done an excellent job of brushing and flossing your teeth, if you fail to brush your tongue, you may still have bad breath. Bad breath is caused by odor-producing bacteria that grow in your mouth. Certain foods, medications, smoking, sinus issues, or even gum disease can cause bad breath.

You can also prevent bad breath through the following ways:

Say ‘NO’ to Tobacco – It has been time and again said that chewing tobacco or smoking can result in poor dental health. It can result in bad staining of your teeth and cause bad breath.

Avoid dry mouth – Always have water or some juicy fruit like oranges to keep your mouth hydrated. Dry mouth leads to bad breath.

Visit a qualified dentist- We advise regular and timely dental checkups at New Smile Dental clinic. We ensure that your teeth are healthy and free of any dental problems.

You can also avail teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and other dental care procedures including invisalign, dentures, crowns and bridges, implants, and surgery at the state-of-the-art clinic.

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