How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

Tooth decay is caused by food particles left in a child’s mouth that turn into acid and later break down teeth. The good news is that, it is preventable.

Children often neglect oral hygiene and do not take necessary steps to prevent tooth decay. Therefore, it becomes necessary for parents to take care of them. When a child attains an age of two, you should use fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day clean between the teeth with dental floss before sleep.

Children love to snack often. They eat cookies, chocolates, sip drinks continuously. Prevent your children from eating before going to bed because saliva decreases at this time and teeth become vulnerable to decay and cavities. In addition, give them low-sugar diet that helps in preventing tooth decay. It is also important that you should allow time between meals to neutralize the acids for teeth repair.

Another important factor is to give your children plenty of water that helps in preventing new cavities formation. You can also use dental sealants that protect your children from tooth decay and cavities. These sealants are applied to molars to prevent your children’s teeth from harmful bacteria. Above all, you should take your child to a dental clinic for complete oral hygiene. A dentist can prevent and treat all dental ailments of children and adults.

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