How to Get Rid of Toothache at Night

Toothache is quite painful. When it occurs during the day, it affects your efficiency to work. If it is severe, you have to take an off from your work. When it occurs at night, it does not allow you to sleep. If the pain occurs during the day, you can visit a dentist in Surrey to get the treatment. But, what will you do if the pain occurs at night? Don’t worry. In this blog, we will tell you how you can get rid of the pain if it occurs at night.

Cold Compress

A cold compress can relieve the pain and allow you to sleep. Take a few ice cubes from your freezer, wrap them in a towel, and then apply the towel to the affected side of the face. It will constrict the blood vessels, thereby reducing the pain and allowing you to fall asleep.

Use One More Pillow

Elevating the head can relieve the pain and allow you to fall asleep. Therefore, use one more pillow to elevate your head. Adding an extra pillow to your head will relieve your toothache in a few minutes.

Salt Water Rinse

Rinsing your mouth with simple salt water can be quite helpful for you to get rid of pain and to fall asleep. Salt water is a natural antibacterial agent. It reduces the inflammation as well as protects the damaged teeth from infection.


Clove can also relieve the toothache. Clove has a compound named eugenol that acts as an analgesic and numbs the area. Soak ground cloves in water and make a paste. Now, apply that paste on the affected area. In some time, you will notice relief in pain and be able to fall asleep.


If you have a painkiller, take that. The pain will go and you can sleep.

But, after getting up in the morning, book an appointment with your dentist in Surrey first. Your dentist will examine your teeth and let you know what caused the pain. If they feelyou need treatment to avoid pain in future, they will recommend it. Besides, they will give you some instructions to avoid pain or deal with when it occurs.

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