How to Deal with Dental Emergencies in Surrey

Dental emergencies, such as injury to teeth or gums need immediate care. Without wasting anytime, you should book an emergency appointment with a dentist in Surrey. Below are some tips for you on how to deal with a range of dental emergencies until you reach your dentist in Surrey.

Fractured Jaw

Tightly wrap up your jaw with your handkerchief or towel. Tie the cloth around the head, and go to your dentist immediately. As you won’t be able to book an appointment for yourself in that state, ask anybody around you to schedule you an immediate appointment so that your dentist can provide you with prompt treatment.

Knocked-out Tooth

Rinse the tooth with water. But, don’t try to clean it at all. If you can put the knocked-out tooth in its place, do it. However, you should never force it. If you find putting the tooth back in its place tough, then you should put the tooth in a small bowl and pour a small amount of milk in it. If you don’t have any milk, then you can use water and two to three pinches of salt. Visiting your dentist immediately can save your teeth.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. If it is bleeding, then you should apply a piece of gauze to the affected area to cease the bleeding. Now, you should apply a cold compress to your cheek and the areas near to the broken or chipped tooth. This will relieve the pain and swelling. When you have done all that, go visit your dentist.

Lost Filling

If you have lost a filling, then stick a piece of a sugarless gum into the cavity and visit your dentist.

Lost Crown

If a crown falls off from your mouth, then you should apply clove oil to the sensitive area and try to put the crown in place using toothpaste or dental cement. But, don’t use glue.

Loose Braces and Bands

Apply orthodontic wax on the loose braces to reattach them. Also, apply them over the braces to create a cushion. If you notice the band is loose, then you should save it and visit your dentist. The dentist will re-cement or replace it depending on the condition.

Extruded Tooth

Immediately, take a pain reliever to become comfortable because severe pain makes you cry. Now, apply a cold compress near the affected area. Then go and see your dentist.


Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. Then try to remove any food particles hidden between your teeth with by flossing. If you notice your mouth has swollen because of the pain, then you should apply a cold compress to the cheek. You should not put any painkiller near your gum because painkillers make the pain more severe. Immediately, visit your dentist.


An abscess is a severe condition that can damage the tissues surrounding your teeth. Moreover, the infection can spread to other parts of your body if you don’t get it treated fast.

We are always ready to help patients in dental emergencies. Visit us immediately and our expert Dentist Surrey will help you get over.

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