Hospital Dentistry Services for Anesthetic and Sleep Dentistry

New Smile Dental Clinic brings the best hospital dentistry services to its patients. We are a state-of-the-art dental care centre offering well-facilitated hospital dentistry services to the patients. We offer services for general anesthesia and other forms of sleep dentistry as well.

If any child or an adult is wary of sitting at the dentist’s chair or cannot make up their mind for dental appointment, then sleep dentistry is the answer to it. We have the right facility and the expertise to perform sleep dentistry procedures on the children as well as the adults.

We accept care cards that are available to the patients through the Medical Services Plan of the Ministry of Health in BC. Each and every resident of B.C. can obtain a BC care card which is a health card that helps you to get medical treatment for different medical conditions including dental problems. Sleep dentistry for children as well as adults is covered under the care card. This includes anesthetic as well as surgical dental procedures carried out at the clinic.

Any patient who needs to get multiple dental extractions or other important dental procedure, then they are covered under the dental care card. The surgical fees including anesthetic are all part of the services that come under the care card offered by the Health Ministry.

On the whole, our hospital services are of top notch. We offer extremely professional and safe dentistry services helping you to cure your dental query in quick time. We have a highly experienced dentist to take care of every procedure along with a well-informed and experienced medical staff.

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