Having Highly Sensitive Teeth? Surrey Dentist Has Required Solution

If you have seen people winking with their eyes on drinking cold water or hot food, this is a sign of teeth sensitivity. Chewing such food or drinking water are felt like creating pain in teeth and make them feel bad about their oral health. And if you are suffering from such problems as well, you should know the reason behind and then get the required treatment from experienced dentists. Luckily, there is no need to continue bearing the pain associated with sensitive teeth. If you miss enjoying your favorite food and drinks, hot and cold, it is best to avoid delaying in visiting a local Surrey dentist and get relieved in pain and sufferings.

Having Highly Sensitive Teeth Surrey Dentist Has Required Solution

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

At the top of our teeth, there is a layer of enamel protecting the teeth from the direct attack of germs. Higher tooth sensitivity is the result of loss of enamel layer that exposes the dentin towards the heat and cold. As an ultimate result, there exists pain and uneven sensation in teeth when you eat hot or cold food. Unhealthy lifestyle followed by individuals also results in higher teeth sensitivity and can be relieved with regular consultation served by an expert dentist.

3 Simple Ways to Relieve Pain Arising in Sensitive Teeth

Here are some of the simple, common ways you can follow to feel better about your highly sensitive teeth:

Learn Proper Way of Brushing Teeth

Often, hard bristled toothbrushes when used for a long time cause the enamel over the teeth to wear away. People continue to brush and clean their teeth with such toothbrushes as they may not know the resulting dental problems. So, learning the right way to brush your teeth and also replacing old toothbrush with a soft-bristled brush will help you feel better when eating hot or cold food.

Use Toothpaste Made for Sensitive Teeth

There are certain kinds of toothpastes which are specifically made for sensitive teeth. They are made with sensitivity healing constituents which helps in protecting the dentin and cause relief over sensitivity.

Consume Acidic Food in Lesser Amount

Fruit juices, lemon juice, pickles and similar other sour, acidic food products increase the rate of enamel loss and may cause higher teeth sensitivity. It is thus, advised to consume such food items in lesser amounts.

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