Four Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency may occur to anybody anytime– during a sports event, an accident, or while eating hard foods. Whatever the reason for the dental emergency may be, one thing is certain, you need immediate professional help for it.

Dislocated or Broken Jaw

Jaws may break or dislocate due to an accident or a sports injury. You should not delay in contacting your dentist. Keep applying ice to your face until you reach your dentist. Moreover, don’t eat anything solid in the meantime.

Knocked-out teeth

Knocked-out teeth are one of the most serious dental emergencies. However, the good news is, it can be fixed. You should not delay in contacting your dentist in Surrey for an emergency appointment. Visiting your dentist immediately can save your tooth. If you miss the teeth or could not reach your dentist immediately, then you will have to go for alternatives such as dental bridges or implants.


A toothache can be an emergency, but may not be as well. It depends on the severity of the pain. When toothache can be managed with a pain killer, it is a normal pain, for which you can contact your dentist later to know what caused the pain and how you can avoid it in the future. On the other hand, if a pain killer fails to relieve the pain, it is termed as a dental emergency, for which you have no other option than contacting your dentist in Surrey.

Fractured Tooth

Your tooth may fracture while eating something hard or during a sports event or a fight. You need immediate professional dental help because a cracked tooth provides bacteria an opportunity to cause an oral infection.

Whenever you have any dental emergencies, visit us immediately. We provide 24*7 dental support for emergency cases at our emergency dental clinics in Surrey at Scott Road.

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