Fluoride in Water and Toothpaste Can Damage your Teeth

Dentist in Surrey will tell you that fluoride is an important mineral for good teeth and bone health. It is one of the essential elements of our diet and needs to be well regulated to ensure that you have strong and healthy teeth and bones. However, it is crucial to note that overexposure to fluoride can result in a condition called Fluorosis that results in weakening of the bones of the body and much of the entire skeletal system.

Fluoride As An Important Mineral For Teeth

Fluoride is one of the minerals required for good dental health. It helps in rematerializing your teeth and gives it strength in the long run. One can fight cavities and keep them at bay using fluoride toothpaste and fluorinated water. However, one has to ensure that the limit of Fluorine in water and toothpaste is within the permissible limit. Fluorine in limited quantities is beneficial for your teeth, as it gives you cavity-free teeth with high strength.

Cause of Fluorosis

Fluoridating public water in some provinces has been an issue of major debate, as long-term or considerable exposure to fluorine can result in mottled tooth enamel and a visible appearance of white spots, or white streaks on the teeth. The mottling of teeth, known as fluorosis, is a severe condition where there is weakening of the teeth enamel and other bones of the body. The entire skeletal structured is affected by excessive exposure to fluorine, not just your teeth!

Managing Fluoride Content in Drinking Water and Toothpaste of Children

Therefore, the big question many parents ask their dentists in Surrey when training their child on good dental practices, is whether to introduce fluoride toothpaste to them, or not. With Fluorosis on the rise around the globe and parents trying to focus on better dental health standards, it is important to manage the fluorine content in water, keeping it at a permissible level, or below the danger mark.

More importantly, fluoride toothpaste should not be encouraged at too young of an age,as many children, especially young toddlers, can easily swallow a good amount of fluoride in them. Young children are less resistant to the side-effects of fluorine and can suffer fromweaker bones and poor growth.

Therefore, parents need to ensure that their children are not over-exposed to fluorine; i.e. their fluorine intake is better controlled. As a standard practice, a pea-sized amount of toothpaste needs to be used by children, not more than twice a day. Get in touch with a qualified dentist on Scott Road in Surrey to discuss the type of toothpaste, diet and other habits of your child to be completely sure about avoiding the risks of Fluorosis.

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