Five Signs You Should Visit Your Dentist For Sleep Apnea Examination

Sleep apnea is a severe sleep disorder in which breaths interrupt several times during sleeping. The health disorder affects the whole body because it affects oxygen supply to the body parts. Untreated sleep apnea can cause several serious implications like hypertension, heart failure, stroke, heart arrhythmias, diabetes, depression, and worst state of ADHD. The worst reality about the disorder is most people are unknown to this disorder, and they don’t ever come to know that they are suffering from this disorder.

We are sharing here five signals of this sleep disorder. If you notice them in you or anybody in your family, visit your dentist soon.

You Often Feel Tired

You sleep to get rid of fatigue and relax and refresh your nerves so that you can work next day with full energy. If after taking full sleep, you feel tired next day or if you feel difficulty in waking up in the morning or you need frequent naps, then you may be a Sleep Apnea patient.

Small Things Irritate and Depress

This is not a good sign at all. If you react on small things and get hopeless or your mood often swings, then this is an alarming condition for you. Visit your dentist soon for sleep apnea examination.

You Snore

If your spouse complains you of disturbing her/his sleep by snoring, then don’t laugh but think about visiting your dentist. Snoring is the most common sleep apnea symptom.

You are overweight

Everybody knows being overweight can cause several health conditions, but this may be a signal of a health disorder as well. If you are overweight, then you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

You Are Suffering From Hypertension

Sleep apnea reduces oxygen supply to your brain which is required to be maintained every time. Therefore, it may cause hypertension.

If you notice signs mentioned above in you or anybody in your family, then don’t waste your time and book your appointment with your dentist.

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