Five Root Canal Myths and Facts About Them

There are many widespread rumours about root canal treatment that scare people about this treatment. In this blog, we are going to debunk the five most common of them:

Five Root Canal Myths

Myth #1

A root canal is a painful procedure.


A root canal does not cause, but relieves a patient from the pain. The root canal is performed to treat a decaying tooth or nerve or both. Actually, earlier treatment methods to perform root canal were a little painful, so people who underwent this treatment in the past complained that it was painful in their communication with others and now this has become a widespread misconception.


A Patient has to visit their dentist multiple times for this treatment.


The procedure can be done in one or two sittings. Whether the procedure can be done in one sitting or two depends on several factors, like the extent of the infection and the difficulty in performing the procedure.

Myth #3

Root Canal May Cause Several Health Problems


As per the misconception, a root canal treatment may cause kidney, heart related, and several other health-related disorders. However, there is no truth to this myth.

Myth #4

A fixed tooth doesn’t last


This is nothing more than a misconception. The treated tooth can last for decades. However, we cannot deny the fact that the tooth becomes brittle. This is why dentists apply a crown on the tooth protect it from any damage.

Myth #5

Your tooth becomes sensitive after the treatment


Under this procedure, your dentist clears the root of your infected tooth, so you don’t feel any sensitivity after the treatment.

If you hear anything like these above-mentioned myths from somebody regarding root canal treatment, don’t believe them. Meet your dentist. They will tell you the truth of the treatment and recommend the best treatment, depending on the condition of your tooth and gums.

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