Five Oral Health Problems Caused by Smoking

As it is true the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, it is also true that smoking affects human health badly. Smoking affects our sleep and skin. It causes premature aging, lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, ulcers, thin hair, etc. The worst part of smoking is it also plagues those who are standing close to the smokers and are exposed to second-hand smoke.

Oral Health Problem

However, in this blog, we will discuss only oral health issues caused by smoking.

1. Dry mouth and bad breath

The smell of a cigarette remains in human lungs for several hours; the chemicals in tobacco smoke linger in the mouth for many hours, and as a result, they make the breath stink, which we call bad breath.

Smoking affects the glands producing saliva in our mouth. So, they become incapable of producing the fluid in the required quantity, and the smoker often feels dry mouth.

2. Discolored teeth

Smoking discolours and stains the teeth, so diminishes the charm of an individual’s smile. Tar and nicotinepresent in cigarettes, pipes, and cigars are responsible for staining.

3. Mouth lesions & teeth decay

Mouth lesions orleukoplakia are painful and heal slow. With mouth lesions caused by smoking, the American Dental Association has discovered that they resolve in 6 weeks after you quit smoking.

Smoking triggersdry mouth, and that dryness in the mouth encourages the build-up of plaque and disturbs the naturalsaliva flow that results in pH imbalance and leads to tooth decay.

4. Gum disease

Smoking impairs normal cell function and reduces the flow of blood to the smoker’s gums. Plaque takes root and expands below the gum line, affecting the gums. Smoking causes bacterial infections that can result in permanent loss of gum, bone, and teeth.

5. Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a leading cause of mortality worldwide, especially in South Asian countries. The worst fact about oral cancer is that over 50% of people die within five years of diagnosis.

So, quit smoking if possible. Otherwise, keep visiting an expert dentist near you, at least once every six months.

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