Five Oral Health Care Tips For Your Child’s Teeth

Many parents don’t pay much attention to their child’s oral health until their child complains of toothache or they themselves perceive a problem. You should not take the oral health of your child for granted if you love them and don’t want to see them struggling with their oral health conditions.

Here are five dental care tips following which you can ensure good oral health for your child.

1. Take Your Child to A Dentist On Their First Birthday

You should take your child to your dentist on their first birthday. This will be the best birthday gift for them. If the first birthday has passed, then don’t wait for the next birthday to come and visit your dentist soon to have their oral health examined. The doctor will recommend you the tips by implementing which you can ensure good oral health for your child.

2. Remove The Baby Bottle From Their Mouth As They Sleep

Toddlers drink milk and juice with baby bottle. And most often, they sleep in a short while after you put a baby bottle filled with milk or juice in their mouth. You should remove the bottle as they sleep because sugary liquids cling to their teeth that can cause damage to their teeth.

3. Don’t Give Much Fruit Juice To Your Child

Considering fruit juices healthier for their children, many parents give fruit juices in large quantity. You should not do it because excessive fruit juice can cause tooth decay. Don’t give more than 4 to 5 ounces a day.

4. Don’t Let The Child Use Pacifier Past Age 3

Giving your child a pacifier till he gets 36 months old is okay, but you should not give it to your child after they get three years old because this can affect the shape of their teeth and the shape of their mouth. If your child is not ready to leave pacifier, then you should consult your dentist.

5. Water with Fluoride

Water with fluoride is the best drink for your child. Tap water comprises fluoride. So, it would be the best idea to give them tap water. Another important point to consider is bottled water may not have fluoride as an ingredient, avoid it. Sugary drinks contribute to cavities and the fluoride water will don’t let the cavities to harm your teeth.

Visiting your dentist and following their recommendation is the best way to ensure good oral health for your child. So, visit them soon and make sure you adhere with every advice properly.

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