Dental Implants: Benefits and Aftercare

Missing teeth cause a lot of problems such as disfiguring the face, gum infections and distorted teeth alignment. Dental implants are a popular treatment used for treating missing teeth. The implants are attached in the place of a missing tooth and are fused with the bone. Dentists make an incision in the gums and insert the implant. After the implant, gums are sewed and left for healing. It may take several months to heal and become strong enough to function as normal tooth.

Dental Consultation

A professional dentist can diagnose the actual problem and recommend implants if necessary. It is important that there is enough bone to support the implants. For individuals who do not have the required bone, bone grafting is first performed. In addition, dentists also examine the health condition before adopting this procedure.

Benefits of Dental Implant

Bridges and dentures are also used to treat the missing teeth condition. However, implants are considered to be a permanent solution as they are placed exactly on the root of a missing tooth.  It not only enhances the look and gives the appearance of real teeth, but also functions like real teeth.

Dental care

Individuals who undergo implants treatment should take much care after the surgery. Gum swelling, pain, bruising can be some recurrent problems. There are also chances of developing numbness in the gums. Moreover, there are chances of inflammation and infections. A dentist can help you in guiding you with the treatment and aftercare for effective dental implants.

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