Debunking Five Flossing Myths

Flossing must be included in our daily routines, because flossing keeps our mouths clean and helps us enjoy good oral health. But, many people ignore flossing, because of rumors they have heard about this oral practice. In this blog, we will cover five common flossing myths and debunk them.

Flossing is Difficult& Painful


Talk to your dentist in Surrey and they will guide you how to floss correctly. Having practiced it for a few times, you will find it as simple as brushing your teeth. When you start flossing, you may feel sensitivity for the first few times but as it becomes part of your daily routine, the pain will goaway and your gum health will improve.

Flossing Should Be Done When Food is Trapped Between Teeth


If you eat daily, how it is possible that food particles will not stick between your teeth daily? They may be so small that you will not realize they are there, or you will have not feel them, but they are trapped between your teeth. So, flossing is necessary daily. In addition to removing food particles, it also removes plaque.

Stop Flossing When You Notice Bleeding


Bleeding is common when you do flossing for the first few times and you need not feel scared of seeing the blood. It happens for the first two to three times and then the gums become used to it.

Flossing Harms Receding Gums


Completely false story. The reality is just the opposite, because flossing helps receding gums. If your gums are receding because of periodontitis, then flossing prevents any further damage to them. But you should do it carefully, according to the recommendation of your Surrey dentist, because excessive or wrong flossing can damage gums.

You should avoid flossing if your teeth are too tight


This is nothing more than a rumor. You should talk to your Surrey dentist and they will explain to you the right way to perform flossing.

Instead of believing what people say about flossing, or anything about dental care, you should talk to your dentist because they are the right people to tell you the truth.

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