Connection between Mental Anxiety and Dental Health

In the modern world, anxiety is one of the main causes of overall health disorders found all over the world. This also implies that mental anxiety has its impact upon the oral health. When people suffer from mental disturbance and stress, their oral health gets affected alongside. They may forget to clean their teeth and gums regularly or clench their teeth while in stress. The symptoms of unhealthy mind are generally manifested in several different ways. Thus, it becomes important for them to get their teeth and gums diagnosed by an expert dentist. As a matter of fact, our mind determines our actions to a major extent. In times of stress, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the oral health practices people follow at all other times in their lives. By visiting a dentist without delay, the severe, harmful effects of anxiety over teeth and gums can be prevented.


Possible Troubles on Dental Health with Stress

People suffering from stress, tensions and anxiety in their health generally suffer from the following dental health troubles:

Bruxism or Teeth Grinding Habit

It generally happens that the stress in mind leads to the habit of teeth grinding and the patient does not get to know about it well. There are cases in which patients grind or clench their teeth while they are asleep while there are also those people who consider teeth grinding habit as a way to deal with stress. Excessive pressure on teeth generally leads to loss of teeth enamel, pain in the jaw bone and similar other dental problems. So, it is better to get these effects well served by a professional Surrey dentist.

Acid Reflux

It has also been found that the situations of acid reflux arise more for people suffering with anxiety. The frequent reverse flow of acid in the stomach to the mouth may result in decaying teeth and erosion of enamel. These effects, if not served well and on time may even lead to severe dental problems. The simultaneous treatments of dental problems as well as stress will serve such problems better.

Unhealthy, Stained Teeth

At the time of facing mental troubles, people lose focus to lead their lives, let alone their oral health. They forget to consider if they have brushed their teeth for a long time and continue to deal with stress. Such neglect will result in decayed teeth and gums.

Consulting an expert Surrey dentist will help in getting the treatments for all such dental problems!

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