Common Signs Suggesting You Might Need a Root Canal

On reaching the pulp and the root of a tooth, decay can cause inflammation in the pulp, making it necrotic. Therefore, it is essential to clean out the decay. The procedure of cleaning the decay is called a Root Canal Treatment. There are a few signs that can help one know whether a root canal treatment is required or not. However, only after a dentist does certain thorough tests, like Microscopic RCT, can one be sure of the condition.

Now let us look at a few signs that can indicated the necessity for a root canal treatment commonly known as RCT, brought to you by Dental Clinic Surrey.

● Chronic Pain

Pain can be one of the primary pieces of evidence that the decay has reached deep into the tooth structure. Even eating and drinking may trigger pain. It is important to visit a dentist to evaluate the condition.

● Cracked Teeth

An accident or consumption of hard food may cause cracking or chipping of a tooth exposing a nerve that may lead to an infection. There are chances that the infection might enter the bloodstream, making the condition worse. The only way to prevent this can be the root canal procedure.

● Sensitivity

Sensitivity is one of the very common conditions suggesting that one might need a root canal treatment. In this condition, due to a damaged tooth and exposed nerves, a patient experiences toothache while consuming something extremely cold or hot. As a cure to this, one might need to undergo an RCT.

● Swollen Gums

If a patient has swollen gums near a painful tooth, there might be a chance that there is an infection beneath the surface. There may be the development of a boil on the gums, from which pus may ooze out. Only a dentist, after an examination, can determine the cause of the inflammation and may suggest a root canal treatment.

● Discolouration

An infection in the pulp may result in discolouration of a tooth. Sometimes, due to trauma, a tooth may show a greyish-black appearance, as the tooth pulp tends to die due to insufficient blood supply. This is more common with the anterior teeth. In such cases, a root canal is the preferred choice of treatment.

● Deep Decay

When one neglects a cavity when it is in its initial stages, it may deepen further and harm the root structure. No amount of brushing and flossing can then nullify the damage. The nerves get exposed and the root canal treatment becomes an urgency.

Any kind of pain or irritation in a tooth may imply infection. If any patient suffers any of the above-mentioned symptoms, a visit to the Dentist Scott Road at New Smile Dental should be planned soon, before the condition gets any worse.

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