Comprehensive Oral Hygiene

When to Consult with a Dentist for Your Oral Health!

Every now and then, your teeth need some tender loving care. You may find yourself suffering from tooth damage, tooth loss, or even an infection in the gums that can lead to bone loss. Are you worried about the cost of dental services? 

If yes, look no other than a professional dentist in Scott Road to address all y

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Five Common Oral Care Mistakes

Proper oral hygiene not only blesses you with a beautiful smile but also protects you from several health disorders like pneumonia, dementia, heart disease, kidney disease, and erectile dysfunction.

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Dental Health Maintenance Tips for a Teething Baby

Often, parents are found worrying about the dental health of their infants at the time of teeth growth. During teething, teeth begin to grow and break up above the gum line in the age of around six months to two years. The swollen and sensitive gums can be painful to the little children and needs to be well taken care of with a visit to a dental care specialist. In

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Possible Causes of Toothache

With the onset of pain in any part of the body, people start to worry they are suffering from some serious physiological condition, when most often, the issue may be easily treated. The same is true when it comes to the pain of toothache, which may or may not be a serious issue. Pain in the tooth can be because of temperature variations and higher sensitivity to hea

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Best Toothache Remedy: Quick Fix or Dental Care?

Most of the time people think about a quick remedy to reduce the pain in the oral cavity when they are suffering from toothache. But are such quick fixes the best solution? If considered as a long term solution, they aren’t. While being busy in our work, we often delay to consult with a dental specialist. Quick remedies may lower down the pain & suffering inst

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Top 5 Tips to Get Rid of Bad Breath

There is a lot more to bad breath than merely being a social condition. If you think it hits your confidence hard and there are those embarrassing moments on your romantic date or while you speak to your colleague, it is important you double check some of your eating, brushing and oral cleaning habits. At the end of the day, foul breath is a medical condition that s

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Top 5 Oral Habits to Get Rid Off!

Your good oral habits go a long way in keeping your gums and teeth in the best condition. If you have poor oral hygiene or you are habitual to smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, you might well deal with a lot of dental problems. Poor eating habits such as excessive carbohydrate/sweet intake and missing out on dental appointments are also some of the primary f

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Top 5 Foods for your Teeth

The right diet, rich in dairy products and fresh foods such as fruits and green vegetables, is excellent for maintaining your dental health. Your teeth need a lot of the cheeses and meat along with milk and fresh fruits to keep them healthy and strong.

On the other hand, there are a variety of foods that are considered bad for yo

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Surrey Dentist Can Help you Kick the Habit

Tobacco consumption, both by smoking as well as smokeless tobacco, is a menace to your health. It is a known fact that tobacco can cause a variety of cancers, heart diseases and pulmonary problems. It is equally responsible for resulting in tooth loss and oral health problems in adults. It has become one of the main reasons why adults visit the dentist for a

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Why Root Canal Treatment is a Good Thing

If you are suffering from a painful tooth, you should head to dentists in Surrey straight away. This could be down to a number of issues and there is a chance that you may need root canal treatment. This can be a daunting procedure as you probably have heard anecdotal evidence of it being an

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