Basics of Maintaining Oral Hygiene

From early childhood, people tell their children to brush their teeth well. They follow the same routines throughout their lives to brush and floss their teeth at least twice daily. In the most basic form, this is what makes up the framework of oral hygiene and health maintenance. Children may not understand the benefits of following an oral hygiene routine as much as an adult, but they should be taught in such a way that they can understand it is important.


It often happens that as we grow up, we fail to maintain the level of cleanliness and care in our mouths as much as we did in our childhood, with parental supervision. Brushing and flossing becomes less carefully done and may even be skipped at times. And this is where the risk of suffering from dental diseases increases. It is important to follow a preventive oral health maintenance scheduleto prevent the need for treatment of dental problems.It is a fact that no one likes to go through fillings, crowns, dentures, RCT, or any such dental procedure. But they are needed when the oral health has suffered from neglect.

Flossing for Cleaning Plaque between the Teeth

Tooth structure in our mouths is such that toothbrushes cannot reach between the teeth to effectively clean away the plaque. Surface stains and food particles can be removed by brushing your teeth. But for debris and plaque between teeth, flossing is required. Often,people find out that they need dental fillings after they have their tooth enamel eroded away from the effects of improper care. Just a few minutes of flossing can save you from tooth decay in those hard to reach areas.

Correct Technique of Brushing

Brushing your teeth will not prevent the occurrence of disease unless the correct technique is used. Some people brush their teeth from side to side, or scrub the brush too harshly over the teeth. As well, plaque collected on the molars cannot be cleaned with an incorrect brushing technique. So, it is important to slowly and steadily clean the teeth, by brushing using the correct technique. To learn such a technique,and to have a complete dental examination, visit an expert dentist in Surrey.

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