Are You Using The Right Toothbrush for Your Teeth?

People all over the world know well that regular brushing is a good habit for oral health maintenance. But the toothbrush they use may not be suitable for their teeth and gums. The choice of a toothbrush is often based on the appeal of the design and the way it has been promoted as a brand through marketing channels. On the market, there are several different kinds of toothbrushes available. Small or bigger sizes, soft or medium bristles, and various designs and colors, are the basics related to a toothbrush. But what is the best toothbrush for your teeth? A toothbrush that does a good job cleaning your teeth and doesn’t damage your gums while you follow your regular brushing routine should be chosen. It is also a good idea to have your teeth and gums checked by an expert dentist in Surrey for possible signs that you may not be using the best toothbrush for you. The dentist will also recommend the right kind of toothbrush, which will clean effectively. As well, your dentist can teach you the right technique for brushing. Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? Here are some of the possible dental problems you may be suffering:

Are You Using The Right Tooth brush for Your Teeth

Gingival Recession and Exposed Teeth Roots

When poor brushing technique and the use of the wrong toothbrush continue for a long time, gum tissue can be lost. This leaves the roots of the teeth exposed, leaving room for critical dental problems to occur.At young ages, children often engage in overaggressive brushing, if they are not told how to properly brush their teeth, which can become a hard habit to break. This is one of the reasons why receding gums occur in children, as well as teenagers. Even worse, when the incorrect brushing technique has been followed for life, it leads to severe gum recession in old age. If you are suffering from such a dental problem and want to have it treated, you should make an appointment with an expert dentist in Surrey.

Poor Results with Aggressive Brushing

Another aspect of preventing teeth related dental problems is to avoid brushing teeth aggressively for better results. It is a misconception that brushing your teeth very firmly will result in better teeth cleaning. However, you will actually be doing a better job if you lighten up, perfect your technique and brush for a longer time, rather than brushing hard. A well maintained smile with sparkling white teeth is the result of following the correct brushing technique at all times.

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