5 Root Canal Therapy Myths Debunked

Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, is a treatment to eliminate the inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth and protect the tooth from future microbial invasion. However, many inaccurate theories are circulated about this common treatment.

In this blog, we will discuss five such rumors about root canal therapy and tell you the truth about them.Root Canal Therapy1. Root Canal is a Painful Treatment


Many people feel scared of root canal treatment, believing it to be a painful process, but fear makes the imagination run wild. The truth is, the root canal treatment aims to help you get over pain, not to exacerbate it. The root canal treatment may cause sensitivity at first, but this will soon disappear.

2. Root Canal Treatment Can Make You Ill


Many people believe that root canal treatment can make you ill, but there is no truth in it. Unless you undergo treatment from a dentist who is not licensed to offer their service, and who doesn’t follow proper procedures, you don’t have to worry about such risk.

3. Your Teeth Will Become Sensitive After the Root Canal Treatment


As we have told you above, you may feel initial, short-lived sensitivity after the treatment, but that is temporary. In a short time, that disappears.

4. You Have to Visit Your Dentist Multiple Times


You may have to visit the dentist two times to get the complete treatment, but not more than that. However, in most cases, just one visit is enough. Most often, the dentist completes the procedure in one visit.

5. Root Canals Are Not Very Effective


Root canal treatment is quite effective. A properly done root canal treatment is most often a permanent fix. In most cases, the problem recurs only if the dentist is a novice, or the patient does not follow the recommendations of the dentist.

These were just five root canal myths that we have talked about here in the blog. If you talk to people around you, you will hear many such myths. So, it is important to listen to the professional advice of your dentist. The dentist will give you the right information about your case and the correct treatment for it. However, make sure you approach a licensed dentist with a good reputation.

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