Dealing with Tooth Decay and Preventive Measures

Tooth Decay is caused due to formation of plaque on your teeth. When food particles are combined with bacteria present in your mouth to form a sticky film called as plaque. When you consume food rich in carbohydrates, the bacteria turns the carbohydrate into energy they need while producing acid. With time, the acid present in the plaque breaks the surface of teeth.

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Dental Cavities in Children and Treatment Options

It can be a dreaded sight to find your tiny tot clinging at his jaw with pain. It can be even more frustrating to find the development of cavities in his or her teeth. The sight of the blackish menace can cause not just a lot of pain but it also damages the other teeth around the infected teeth and even the gums. The condition can worsen if not treated properly and

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Your child’s tooth hurts? It could be the cavities!

Are you in the habit of giving candies and sweets to your kids more often than you should? If your child has a constant craving for sweet products and you fulfill them then there are chances that you are damaging his teeth and gums to a great extent. If he or she complains of tooth ache and even bleeding gums, remember to visit a qualified dentist immediately. Continue reading »

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