Learn to Avoid Bad Breath Menace

At New Smile Dental Clinic, we come across several dental queries that involve bad breathe or foul mouth odor. It is also known as halitosis and is a serious oral condition. Some of us tend to overlook this issue considering it as a temporary problem. It could actually be quite serious and result from an underlying oral condition, decaying teeth, injury, infection etc. If you want to turn your

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Healthy Habits for Oral Hygiene

To maintain a complete oral hygiene, you need to practice healthy habits. There are a few tips relating to oral health can prevent many dental diseases. Proper brushing It is almost a thumb rule that brushing teeth twice a day prevents decaying of teeth, cavities and other tooth and gum diseases. Brushing twice peels away any accumulation of food particles and bacteria and prevents plaque.

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Invisalign Replaces Metal Braces for More Comfort

A straight smile with orderly teeth boosts confidence. Individuals, who suffer from tooth deformities, not only suffer for a long time but even avoid treatment. This is because the metal braces recommended by dentists cause a little discomfort and disfigures the look even more. Invisalign is the right solution for such patients. What is Invisalign It is one of the most popular invisible alig

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Invisalign and its Benefits

If you suffer from crowded teeth, under bites, overbites or cross bites, Invisalign is the treatment for you. These braces are popular for its transparent look and easy usage. When it comes for the right alignment of teeth, these braces play a major role in the treatment. Unlike their metal counterparts are clear and come with hassle free fitting and replacements. According to the requirement of t

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