10 Worst Habits for Your Teeth

Are you in the habit of opening a pack of chips with your teeth? Or, are your kids too fond of sugar candies? Or, probably you enjoy your cup of Joe more than 5 times a day? If you had a “yes” for any of these questions, then probably you need to check your dental habits a little! Here is a list of the worst 10 habits that can wreck your teeth.

1. Chewing on Ice

Chewing on ice can loosen the gums and their hold on your teeth. They also damage sensitive teeth due to the temperature of the ice.

2. Feasting on Sugar Candies

Sugar candies are sticking and some amount of the candies remain sticking to the surface of the tooth. Bacteria easily attract these sticky substances and release toxins while breaking down the food. The acid erodes the enamel of tooth and hence, causes cavities and tooth decay.

3. Too Much Soda / Fizzy Drinks

Too much caffeinated soda or fizzy drinks result in erosion of enamel and overall bone health of the teeth.

4. Love for Coffee

Coffee not only hampers the appearance of your teeth but also erodes the enamel with its high caffeine content.

5. Teeth as Tool

Are you fond of using your teeth in place of scissors or knife? It is high time that you quit the habit and treat your teeth well! You may end up loosening the teeth from their base and even grinding them with their long usage as easy tool replacements.

6. Constant Snacking

In case you are in the habit of snacking round-the-clock, you are probably inviting cavities, bad breathe and a breeding ground for bacteria inside your oral cavity. Snack once in a while and not whenever you can get your hands on something to eat!

7. Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst habits and you need to kick the butt right away! It discolors teeth, causes foul breath, and is one of the chief causes of oral cancer and other dental diseases.

8. Too Much Wine

Wines are acidic too; especially the red wine, it can steal the calcium out of your teeth and leave you with poor breath.

9. Too Much Mouth Wash

Too much mouthwash can actually loosen the grip of your teeth and wash away a great deal of minerals from time to time. Avoid over-doing it!

10. Eating Spicy and Acidic Food

Acidic food and spicy meals can result in damage to your teeth, discoloration, foul breath and acidic gastric reflux that further damages your teeth.

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