Root Canal Therapy (RCT)


Root Canal or the Root Canal Therapy is a dental procedure used to remove the damage pulp tissue from the teeth and fill it up with a filling material. This is performed to cure tooth pain and decay. With advancement in dental technology, RCT is no longer a last minute savior. It has definitely become an important dental procedure to fill the root pulp tissue area with good filling material and provide quality support at the crown region of the teeth.

In case of an injury, dental decay or damage caused by bacterial attack; the innermost, soft tissue layer of the teeth called the pulp gets damaged or badly infected. With the aid of the Root Canal treatment, the pulp tissue is removed carefully to avoid further damage to the teeth. In case of a bad blow to the face, the RCT aids in saving the remaining portion of the teeth with its damaged pulp removal.
The coronal pulp chamber of a tooth stores the debris resulting from a trauma or infection. This is present in the form of lymph tissue, nerve tissue, blood tissue, bacteria and infected tissue cells in the pulp chamber. These are meticulously removed to ensure good dental health to the patient. This is an important step to ensure prevention of further tooth decay or damage to adjoining teeth.
After proper cleaning and shaping of the infected tooth, it is properly filled with a quality filling material as mentioned earlier. Our team of dental health experts provides the best RCT treatment in case of different dental problems and injuries. We ensure that your glowing smile and healthy teeth are restored in no time whatsoever!
If you need professional assistance and plan your root canal therapy with the experts, then you can visit one of our locations in the region. We are based in Surrey/ Delta, Richmond and New Westminster. We are quite close to Burnaby as well. You can take a drive down the cities and get your RCT performed successfully and efficiently.

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