What is Invisalign?

Smiling with the metal braces on is not always a pleasant sight. Moreover, the person wearing metal braces is generally well aware and conscious of the eyes glued on their face and feels uncomfortable during social gatherings. But, all that is past now!

Invisalign are the modern alternatives to metal braces. They are clear, almost invisible braces.

Children; especially teens, and adults find it uncomfortable wearing metal braces in public. It has an effect on their self-confidence, personality as well as appearance. In order to align their teeth and correct its structure, metal braces were used around the world. However, with the advancement in dental technology and procedures, invisalign is gradually replacing them.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign has been instrumental in advanced orthodontic treatments and has helped patients around the world to treat their improper teeth structure and align it in a better shape. One no longer has to wear the conspicuous braces that are easily seen and can be a cause of embarrassment in gatherings etc. They are clear and generally not visible. People find their confidence back by wearing these invisible aligners that correct the teeth structure within the given time of treatment completion.

Treatment at our Dental Clinic in Surrey

New Smile Dental is a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Surrey that offers the best facility and services for dental care for the entire family. It offers advanced dental procedures such as invisalign that can help in aligning your teeth structure in a better shape in no time. We offer you custom invisalign aligners that fit your teeth in the best way possible.

The aligners gradually shift in their right places. They are specifically design for individual fitting and adjustment on the dental structure of a person. They are a better alternative and highly regarded than the metal braces.

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One can avail invisalign services at our dental care centers in Delta / Surrey, New Westminster and Richmond.  We are also happy to offer emergency services along with the facility of hospital dentistry at all of our locations.

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