Tooth extraction of a single or multiple teeth may be required to ensure that a damaged or decaying tooth is removed without any further damage to the adjoining teeth. The process of tooth extraction is also followed in case of the removal of wisdom tooth in the mouth. An affected wisdom tooth causes a lot of pain, discomfort and even leads to infection in the region. Therefore, extraction of the teeth becomes important.
The method of extraction of tooth depends on the angle of teeth and the extent of decay. One or more teeth are removed from the affected area where the bacterial decay has started to spread. In order to protect the adjoining teeth from bacterial attack and further decay, it is advised that the affected teeth are removed without much delay.
An affected teeth that has been hit hard because of a bad blow to the job, injured in an accident or facing bacterial decay is a hub of further damage. It can result in excruciating pain to headaches, and even formation of harmful tumors and cysts in the mouth, jaw joints, and other adjoining areas. The extraction methods becomes critical in removing the teeth and restoring it with partial and sometimes full mouth restoration, also called as full mouth construction procedure.
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